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I post music that I like and feel people would like as well. I don't post music from just one certain genre. Just want to open people's minds to different things, you know?

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"Without music, life would be a mistake"
-Friedrich Nietzsche


Wheel of Musical Impressions, ft Adam Levine

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J Dilla



J Dilla - Flowers

There’s just this overwhelming sense of calm when I listen to J Dilla

beat makes me sleepy

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Ariana Grande ft. Big Sean - Best Mistake

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Holy Fire


Foals | Bad Habit

'cause i'm a bad habit
one you cannot shake

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This that feeling when you look at your Sidekick or Razr and get that text from bae while you listening to your MySpace songs. 



1. Lovely - Deep Side

2. Southside (feat. Ashanti) - Lloyd

3. Lie About Us - Avant

4. Stick With You - Pussycat Dolls

5. Slide Over ft. Miguel - Baby Bash

6. You Make Me Wanna - Usher

7. Don’t Leave Me Girl - Blackstreet

8. All I Have (feat. LL Cool J) - Jennifer Lopez

9. My Place feat. Jaheim - Nelly

10. Can We Talk - Tevin Cambell

11. I Wanna Be Down - Brandy

12. Karma (feat. Avant)- Lloyd Banks

13. Bring It All To Me (feat. ‘N Sync) - Blaque 

14. Simple Things - Usher

15. Your Body - Pretty Ricky

16. Body On Me (feat. Akon & Ashanti) - Nelly

17. Sunshine - Lil Flip

18. You Remind Me - Usher

19. My Kind Of Girl - Brian McKnight

20. Let Me Love You - Mario

21. Rock With You - Ashanti

22. Favorite Girl - Marques Houston

23. Cant Let You Go feat. Lil Mo  - Fabolous

24. Used To Be feat Fabolous - Ryan Leslie

25. Caught Up (Feat. Lloyd & Ashanti) - Ja Rule

26. That Girl - Marques Houston

27. For The Night - Musiq Soulchild

28. I Like The Way (The Kissing Game) - Hi-Five

29. Can We Chill - Ne-Yo

30. P.D.A. (We Just Don’t Care) - John Legend

31. Touch - Omarion

32. So What feat. Ciara - Field Mob

33. Nice and Slow - Usher

34. Come With Me - Sammie

35. How Could You - Mario

36. Suffocate - J. Holiday

37. Don’t Matter - Akon


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Remixes & Refixes Volume 2

Tinashe - Vulnerable (Dave Luxe Remix)

Zhu - Faded




I think that’s the problem with this new century, with the cult-like addiction to technology and constant connection, humans developed this expectancy of a response. You text someone and if they don’t correspond within a “reasonable” amount of time, they must be doing something wrong or they must be mad or busy. Ever thought of the potential fact that they simply don’t want to respond? It’s nothing personal. Who said we had to pick up phone calls when phones were still attached to walls? Who said two people had to talk every day to solidify some sense of friendship and who said that presence is required to honor legitimate support? Technology did.

No one owes you anything. Not conversation, not presence, and definitely no explanation. We live in a new world where these things have been engraved into our DNA so much that the mind is almost in a state of addition because nowadays, when I tell people I don’t have a Facebook or when I stop writing or when I no longer participate in social outings or let alone conversations, it’s like all of the sudden they don’t even know me anymore.

But you do, or well, you did.

You just don’t quite know who I’ve become or what I’ve been up to.
But where is the crime in that, anyway?

So on point.

Beyond relevant.

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Foster The People

Foster The People - Best Friend (Wave Racer Remix)

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Don't Kill the Magic


Despite the tiresome play of their “Rude” single on the radio, you can’t blame these cats for making great music. This track is that juice for them elegant beauxts.